Bravely Second: Sharpened Thorn Build (Custom Combo)

Bravely Second: Sharpened Thorn Build (Custom Combo)

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Alright, Bravely build time. I’ve done some absorbance based builds before, where the character will gain bonuses while it is hit, but generally on a tanky double character. Today though, I’ve got another one in that realm, but follows more along the lines of “The more pain I suffer, the more powerful I become!” Good ol’ Alternis.

The Sharpened Thorn is a Swordmaster with Dark Knight commands. The abilities of this setup are Counter for passive, Adrenaline Rush, Adversity, Slow Parry, Blaze of Glory, and Fortitude. Equipment should be a Katana or Sword, and a Red Muleta in your equipment slot. Alright, we’re good to go.

So, as our Edge Lord Supreme can nicely sum up, this build focuses around getting your HP down low and then striking hard. Just like any rose, when the enemy touches you they’ll just end up hurting themselves. Swordmaster is quite obvious for this: Counter activates 60% of the time when you’re hit and hits them back relatively hard, along with all the other countering abilities of the Swordmaster class, whether is be physical, magical, or a hit to one of your allies.

Of course, even if you do keep on countering, the enemy’s “touching the corner” will eventually drain your health down fairly low. That’s why we have our Dark Knight on hand along with the abilities. Dark Knight can also purposely lower the Sharpened Thorn’s HP, hence the reasoning behind the name. Dark Bane, Black Bane, and Rage are all great options for dealing damage, and then there’s my infamously favourite Minus Strike to deal damage equal to your missing HP.

Now for the abilities. As things start going downhill, this character has the chance to change that. Adversity gives you a boost of 10% to your Physical and Magical attack and defence every time you lose a quarter of your health, and Adrenaline Rush gives you an extra 50% to your Physical stats when you fall below 20%. Imagine that kind of strength in a counter! Oh, and there’s Fortitude as always, giving you 1 BP for every hit you take while Defaulting, and Slow Parry has a 60% chance of inflicting Slow on an enemy that attacks you.

However, if you would rather have this character slowly drain down on its own, the Dark Knight can be subbed out for a Guardian, and Blaze of Glory can be switched for Guardian Spirit, opening up the ability to use Soul Power commands when hit, since it’s the weakest ability there overall. And finally, just like the petals of a rose, Red Muleta will attract enemy attacks towards you, so that you will decrease more easily.

And that’s the Sharpened Thorn. I had fun with this build, and it’s always nice to make an actually practical build once in a while. I’ve been busy to hell with exams and stuff, so you’ll have to pardon me for that. Alright, that’s all for now. I’ll see ya soon.