Bravely Second: Trickster Build (Custom Combo) - Halloween Special

Bravely Second: Trickster Build (Custom Combo) - Halloween Special

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Oh? Trick or treaters? Well, I respect those who make the trip. Come in, come in. Just don’t trip on the bones. I’ll, clean them up later.

Here, I’ve got a Halloween themed Bravely Second build for ya! Now, remember that Krampus build I made last Christmas? Yeah, okay, throw that one out the window, just pretend it never existed, cuz this uses the same jobs but works better as a themed build. So, let’s go over the Trickster!

This build uses the Yokai and Patissier classes, just like the Krampus did, but makes things fit a lot better for the theme of Halloween. With the Yokai as main, we have Echo as a passive, along with the abilities Blaze of Glory, Waste Not, Items for All, Critical Hitter, and Steady MP Recover. For equipment, to have some fun, use Wonder Rod and/or Grinder Axe. Now you’re set to go out trick or treating!

So, for this Trickster build, you’re be messing with your opponents constantly through magic, commands, and abilities! Devilish, ain’t it? So, first up, let’s talk abilities. Echo as a passive means that you have a 33% chance to cast a spell for a second time for free which is pretty awesome. Steady MP Recover gives you MP back at the end of turns, so you can keep pumping out those spells. Critical Hitter connects spells and items, allowing both to hit critical, meaning even MORE damage output. Items for All means an item or Bon Appetit cake will be used on all allies or enemies instead of just one, and Waste Not gives you a 50% chance to not use up the item or items upon using a command. And lastly, just as a last little trick, when your enemies manage to kill you, BOOM! Blaze of Glory detonates and deals damage to them all. Pretty clever, huh?

Now, onto the Patissier. As much as this build is about tricking, you just can’t leave out the treats. Or can you? Since I didn’t get any for my recent birthday, the Patissier lets you hand out plenty of cakes that will weaken your enemy to weaken them. The Terror Truffle is the main dish of this evening though, instilling your enemies with Dread. Or maybe a Ghostly Ganache to turn them into ghosts? Anyway, now you can fool your enemies into accepting your treats when they just make things worse for them!

What else can the Trickster do? Well, I’m glad you asked! With the Yokai spells, you can quickly destroy your enemies through the most powerful Elemental Spells in the game, or use the Sin abilities to your heart’s content to really mess with them! And, as a special bonus, you can even put on a costume and Disguise yourself as one of your allies! Maybe a Dark Knight to surprise your enemies by doing more damage as they keep hitting you. Or a Black Mage to be a witch and-

Oh right, I almost forgot! The Wonder Rod was chosen BECAUSE using its unique ability allows you to randomly cast a Black Magic spell. And Grinder Axe can instil Dread upon normal attack hits as well.

Well, that’s your treat. Now I suggest you leave quickly, you kinda interrupted me in the middle of something. What is it? Uh, don’t worry about that, definitely not a demonic presence, just… get going. Watch you don’t trip on the way out, okay? Alright, you have a good night. Thanks for visiting! I’ll see ya soon! … hopefully.