Bravely Third: Predictions and Theories!

Bravely Third: Predictions and Theories!

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Prediction Time!

Alright. Time for the big article. With no release date for when Bravely Third will be dropping, it is about time for me to make some guesses as to what we can expect to see in Bravely Third. Then when it comes out, we can all come back to this article and see what I got right and wrong. I really shouldn’t have to say spoilers for the first two games, but people get pissy when you don’t so, there’s your warning.


Let’s start with the most obvious thing people argue about first: who are we going to play as, who’s gonna be on the party? Well, I have a strong gut feeling that Ringabel will be a playable member this time around. His ties to the ending of Bravely Second strongly suggest he will be of importance in this next game, and since he wasn’t around much for Second, I think it’s safe to say he’ll be playable. As for the other three, I think we’ll see three brand new characters, one of which we, the Celestial Beings, will be following, naturally. No real ideas on these new characters or their personalities, we’ll just see where it goes. They haven’t really done the “hesitant to join, rival-like” attitude for any party members yet, so we may have that. Jane was the closest we’ve had to that so far, but he wasn’t actually part of the team. Maybe he will now? He is fairly young after all. I also got a hunch that our main character will be female, so let’s see about that. Got a 50/50 shot on this one.

While we’re at it, what is everyone else going to be doing? Well, we’ll run into Tiz and Anges living happily in Norende, gonna pay them a visit. I doubt Tiz will be a part of the party anymore due to how he and Anges are finally living together, but it may be possible that he’ll stay as a continuing main character to maintain a consistency throughout the games. Edea is gonna make an appearance for reasons I’ll get into later as the Grand Marshall of Eternia. She may also be the new Templar Asterisk holder since she IS the new Grand Marshall, as Braev has stepped down.

Let’s talk about Yew and Magnolia next. These two are more than likely to be making an appearance, due to the necessities they both present. Magnolia has her connections with Fort Lune, making her liable to be the reason our new party will get to the Moon, although she did kinda send off her ship… Nonetheless, I think it’s unlikely Magnolia will return as a playable character, but Appleberry may call on her to join the Dimensional Bureau, so who knows.

As for Yew, he is one of my three suspects behind our “guide” characters, like Airy in Default and Anges in Second. The two of them will be in Al-Khampis, as Yew will likely have continued his pursuit of being a scholar, or he has completed his studies and now resides with Magnolia in Gathelatio. His brains as a studied man would make him quite suitable as the new guide, and I mean, it would be nice at least to see him again. While on the topic of guides, the other two people I feel could be guides are Ringabel, and Vice President Appleberry. If Ringabel isn’t a party member and we instead get an entirely new crew to work with, having one of these two being our guide would make sense, seeing as how the new game will be dealing with the Dimensional Bureau. Oh yeah, and Yoko will return. Betting money on that right now.


Next predictions are about the plot. There are going to be two main parts to the story. The natural, Luxendarc world story, like the plot with the Glanz Empire, will involve another war, this time with a rebel faction uprising against the peace treaty between the Orthodoxy and the Duchy of Eternia. I’m not entirely sure of the rebellion’s reasoning, but it may have to do with the Orthodoxy’s past sins upon the world and thinking they don’t deserve the right to a peace treaty. That would be my best guess. The secondary plot will involve the Dimensional Bureau, like with Providence and the Ba’als in Second. There will of course be another dark God to kill, same as the last two, but I hope it is built on over the course of the plot line, not thrown in at the last minute. I also believe there will be two general worlds that the story will take place on fairly evenly: one will be Luxendarc, but for the Dimensional Bureau story, we will leave that world behind for some strange other one. Only ideas I have on the other world is that it will be weird and twisty like between dimensions or an alternate dimension. The Moon, or Fort Lune to be specific, is also a likely candidate, as that seems to be where Appleberry is stationed.


Now for timing. In my last video, I went on about how the timeline might end up: either immediately after the events of Second due to some event, or it will coincide with the time that passes in the real world until the game comes out. I think I can now finally say that this game should be taking place relatively closer to the ending of Second rather than waiting so many years. It wouldn’t make sense to wait five years for Ringabel to finally go after the Sword of the Brave, nor would dealing with a rebel force be put off for so long.


How about jobs? Well, I expect we’re either going to see a lot more new jobs, or only a few returning original jobs, but the asterisk holders are gonna be new. There still has yet to be an actual set Blue Mage class, Vampire and Catmancer are basically the same thing, but not the name, so that may make an appearance. I feel like a future-telling class might appear, like an Oracle or something, where you get bonuses based on predicting enemy actions. I imagine a lot of the Glanz Empire is going to reappear like how the Eternian leaders did in Second, just living their normal lives, but then we interrupt and then they wanna fight. Either way, I’m hoping and thinking that we’re gonna see a LOT of newer jobs in this game, even if they’re just renamed versions of old jobs.

Theme of the Game

Alright, how about the theme of the game? First game was multiple worlds, second was about time travel, so this one will be alternate dimensions I’m guessing, based on the whole Dimensional Bureau thing going on. For the final boss, I have some kind of gut feeling telling me that the background is going to static in and out between multiple dimensions, one of them turning the 3DS camera on and revealing our world, and that the boss will have different health bars in each of these areas. The use of the 3DS microphone might also be a new possibility, maybe we’ll shout at the party and get them rowelled up?

The Nemesis Boss Theory

Now let’s talk about Ba’als. In Bravely Default, the Nemesis bosses that spawned in Norende turned out to be the bosses for Second’s Celestial subplot with Providence. There were also the sin beasts that you could fight in order to unlock the Yokai class. Now, let’s look at Bravely Second: the Ba’als returned in this game to Fort Lune. Every Ba’al is representative of one of Vega’s memory gone wrong, and all of them were revealed by Altair as to what they really were. All of them, but one. Firstborn is the only Nemesis boss in Second that does not have an explanation behind the memory it’s connected to. It also does not have a Ba’al designation number. Now I’ve heard people say that it’s Vega and Altair’s unborn child that either died or was never born because of Providence’s interfering. But what about this: what if this is another sneak peek at the next game, just like in Default? I believe that Firstborn is representing the Celestial Being that will help our party in the next game, and that it is Vega and Altair’s child, I’m gonna say a girl. I think it’s very likely.

The Keys

What about the keys though? The Sword of the Brave is apparently the third, but I have no idea of what the other two are. Anges’ pendent and the SP Hourglass are my best guesses though. I’m not sure about the Space Time Compass, it’s possible I suppose, but it was built by Altair and Vega, while the other two just seem to “exist”.

Finishing Words

Subtitle puzzle? Probably gonna be an anagram. Gameplay? The same, cuz they found a formula that works well so they should stick to it. Theme song that plays like an anime at the beginning of each chapter? Yes please. Side minigame? Sure, why not. Just don’t make it NECESSARY to the game. Give America a figurine with the Collector’s Edition this time? They better. Just, don’t repeat a Save The Crystals plot please. That’s all I got for now though. Leave your comments on what you think of my theories so far, share your own, argue about it with friends, ya know, fun stuff. I'll see ya soon.