Bravely Third: Why I Don't Think It's Coming Soon (and why that's a good thing)

Bravely Third: Why I Don't Think It's Coming Soon (and why that's a good thing)

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Bravely Third: Why I Don’t Think It’s Coming Soon (and why that’s good)

Alright. Bravely time. Let’s get this out of the way first: I love the Bravely series so far. They’re my favourite games, and I can’t wait until Bravely Third, or Bravely Sword, or whatever they’re calling it, comes out. Well, actually, on second thought, yes I can. Let’s talk about why I think we’re not gonna see Bravely Third for some time, and how this is probably for better than for worse.

Now this isn’t predictions for what I think will be in Bravely Third, that’ll be out next. So, why do I think it’s not coming out any time soon? Well, the biggest reason involves Silicon Studios. Yes, Square Enix’s name is on the box, but what DOESN’T Square Enix do that to? Silicon Studios are the people who made Bravely, and if you’ve been following their work lately, you’ll see that they’re releasing a new game, Project: Octopath Traveller. From what it appears, it’s similar to Bravely but has more of an HD 8-bit look to it, if that makes any sense. The game looks beautiful, and believe me, I’d love to be following it. If only I had a Switch. So far I know it’s only coming out on that, so, probably not gonna get the chance to play it. But I really recommend checking it out, it looks like it’s gonna be great.

So, with Silicon’s resources going into that instead of Bravely, that’s obviously gonna slow down the process. Another issue is that they tend to match the events of the Bravely universe to real time, so this may mess with the timeline a little more than before. Anyways, expect to wait a few years for the next one.

There is also another reason it may not be coming for a while. In Japan, there are a few side games that may be localized for us westerners before Third comes. Bravely Archive: D’s Report is a mobile game, and I would definitely play that on the channel should it be localized. Another title, Bravely Default: Praying Brage, is a browser based game that is also only available in Japanese at the moment, though I believe this game is not an official game from Silicon or Square Enix. Either way, the decision might be made to focus on bringing Archive out to America first. After all, there’s the international version of Kingdom Hearts Union x [cross], and that game is specifically developed by Square Enix themselves, so it’s possible.

But why is this good? Why is having our sweet third game being delayed better? Well, I’ve got two words for that: Bravely, Second. Sure, I label as my favourite game of all time. But it’s biggest problem is the fact that it was nearly a Bravely Default carbon copy, with a few changes here and there. Silicon needs more time to develop a new and original game: keep ELEMENTS, I repeat, ELEMENTS, of the first two games, but give us more new things in this game. I’ll have a predictions and thoughts video coming out after this on what I think we can expect in the next game.

But again, the last thing we need is another quest tied to the crystals, some fairy randomly turning on everyone out of the blue, and then a false god claiming to be invincible as the final boss. I realized I just described nearly every Square Enix game ever made, but I would really hate Bravely to fall into this trend. You can still DO those elements, but try to make them different. However, there is a problem if they take more time to make the game: since the in game timeline is directly proportional to ours, a longer time span would make the events of the next game take place a lot further in the future, which wouldn’t make sense with Second’s ending. So, there seems to be two choices: either cause a weird time span and set it x years away longer than usual or would make sense, or ditch the timeline connection and give a good reason like time manipulation or something for why it takes place relatively close after Second.

Anyway. That’s just one fan's thoughts. When do you guys think Bravely Third will be coming out? Hold on to your predictions for a little bit though, save those for my own predictions article that will be coming soon. Thanks for reading, I'll see ya soon.