Bravely Second: Project: YIN YANG (Custom Combo)

Bravely Second: Project: YIN YANG (Custom Combo)


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It's time for a new Bravely build, everyone! Someone has already gotten pretty close to guessing it, but I've had this one waiting for a while now so it's fine. But that doesn't matter. This is what I like to call Project: Yin Yang.

Now this is really just a new TYPE of build, not a particular build itself. And you'll understand the name soon enough, if you know what Yin and Yang are. The way this build works is that it's going to be similar to a double build. You've got a Guardian for possessing, sure, but this time, there's no Twin Souls ability.

Let's just set up the two characters first. On the one with the Guardian, we're gonna the Knight for side commands. For abilities we've got Guardian Spirit as a passive, Fortitude, P. Def 20% Up and M. Def 20% Up, Protect Ally, and Chivalrous Spirit. You'll wanna equip just armour and helms and stuff, raise that defence.

For the other character, oh, let's just have a Kaiser with Fencer commands, then slap on Fortitude, Muscle Memory, Stampede, P. Atk 20% Up, Triple Wield, and we've got Cerberus on the side, not really worried about that. Then put on three attacking weapons and let's get to it!

Oh, right, still gotta explain how this works. Well, you see, this concept works around the usage of BOTH of the Guardian's possessing commands, Possession and Possessed. See, Possession makes the Guardian merge into the target, and Possessed make the target go into the Guardian.

So, if you switch back and forth between these two, depending on what you need, you can have either a super strong tank, or a massively high damage dealer. Since HP is combined, if you have a couple of buns used on your characters, using Blinding Light could deal max damage without requiring you to have low HP like Minus Strike. Valkyrie might also work well with Fencer, that could be it's own build. Stay tuned for more on that.

But maybe you don't really want a tank. Okay, so we swap out the Knight, put in Wizard magic, change up the abilities, maybe make Wizard main so you can get Spellcraft, and boom. NOW, you can switch between high physical and high magic damage! Very useful when fighting bosses that require certain damage types, like Amphisbeana, the two headed lizard.

So, that's Project: Yin Yang - the ability to create two completely different and yet very powerful teammates depending on your needs. Before I end this article, just wanted to say that I noticed that my builds have become more about the builds being based on the name and not the name coming from the build. They've been more like ideas and not so much practical, so I'll try to balance it out in the future.

I'll have more coming in the future, and we're getting close to 200 subs, might try to plan ahead for that. Or not. We'll see. In any case, thanks for reading, and I'll see ya soon.