Roxas Art EX: Why Is This Medal So Good? - Kingdom Hearts Union x [cross]

Roxas Art EX: Medal Showcase! - Kingdom Hearts Union x [cross]

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Alright, Roxas Art Ver. EX. I've been waiting months for this sucker to come out in the international version of Kingdom Hearts Union x [cross] for a multitude of reasons: my favorite character, with his orchestrated theme, awesome word art, and one of the strongest Speed medals in the game (currently THE strongest for the international version of the game, I would say). Let's go over how this medal works and why it's so good.

The Banner

First, let's just go over the banner Roxas EX came out in. It presented two new medals to the game, Roxas Art Ver. EX, and HD Xion as a mercy pull (after four draws from the banner and not getting her, you are guaranteed her on the fifth). This banner's drop rates was leaps and bounds better than the last EX banner's, Sephiroth EX.

Sephiroth was the Power equivalent of Roxas here, but was incredibly sought after due to how he only did 1 hit, making him ideal for High Score Challenges. Unfortunately, his drop rates were unbelievably low. I recall seeing a video of one player spending 180 000 Jewels (equal to 60 pulls, or roughly $1200) trying to get him and still not getting him.

If you've seen my own pull video for Roxas EX, you'll see that the rates were drastically increased from the looks of it. So this made Roxas EX a very obtainable medal. I even have two friends, one who just got the game during that deal to try and get it, who both got it on first pulls.

Stats and Abilities

Let's get back to talking about Roxas. Here's a list of the medal's stats at level 100 with max guilt of 180% and no traits or boosts:

Roxas Art Ver. EX
Type: Upright Speed
STR: 7822
DEF: 7635
Cost: 46
Special Atk: Pulsing Bullet
- Damage: x2.13 - 3.94 (Tier 6: Bonus of 180%)
- Required Gauges: 3
- Description: Deals 4 hits. For 1 turn: raises STR 1 tier % S-STR by 5 tiers, lowers targets' DEF 1 tier & S-DEF 3 tiers for 1 turn. Inflicts more damage the higher your HP.

Background music: The Other Promise (Orchestrated Version)

(Skill I used: Attack Boost IV Max & SP Gauge II)

Now that's a lot of stuff for a medal, but let's break it down. Upright Speed makes this medal incredibly good on the Sleeping Lion Keyblade, as Upright Speed is that Keyblade's main deal. STR stat is nicely high, so that's always good.

The Special Attack, Pulsing Bullet. Now this is one hard hitter. I know my medal showcase video was very joking, but it really shows just how strong this medal is. The medal increases your Speed based Strength by 5 tiers and general Strength by 1, with the cap being 7. It also lower's the enemy's Speed based Defense by 3 tiers and general Defense by 1.

In the video, you can see me clear out the weekly gem challenge against the strongest possible enemy I could ever find for this game: level 999 Power enemies. Not only are they the highest level of any enemy to be available in KHUx, Roxas would deal less damage due to the rock-paper-scissors system imitated by the Power-Speed-Magic system of the game. And yet, I still destroy every enemy in my path. The biggest key is keeping your HP maxed out when you use it, but that's not even that difficult so you're more than likely to have max multiplier when making an attack.

The only downside is that because there's four hits, it doesn't make Roxas EX ideal for HSC, unlike Sephiroth. If you never understood how scores work in HSC, here's a quick breakdown: points are based on your multiplier and how many hits it takes to kill an enemy. So let's say you use a 10 hit medal with a 3.30x multiplier, but it only takes 5 hits to kill the enemy, the score will only be counted for 1.15x of the multiplier (5/10 = 1/2, one half of multiplier is accounted for). So if you use a one hit medal, then the full multiplier will ALWAYS be used.

Relevancy, Skills, and Traits

Of course, one big question is how long with Roxas EX be relevant until something else better comes out? Well, the answer to that I think is... forever. This is a Tier 6 medal, only one lower than the Tier 7's that have only recently come out in the Japanese version of the game. The boosts that Roxas provides with his special attack will stay incredibly important for a long time to come, and having a 3.94 max multiplier with a bonus of 180% will surely be able to stick around for a while to come. As my friend who just started said, it was completely destroying everything in early game, so he had no trouble progressing. So I believe that Roxas Art Ver. EX will be useful for a long time to come.

Last but not least, what skills or traits should one look for in this medal? Well, if you're lucky enough to get a second copy to trait it, Ground/Aerial Enemy Defense -60% is your best option here. If not those, Extra Attack 40% probably isn't too bad either. As for skills, at the moment, Attack Boost IV & SP Gauge II is your best bet, especially since it's available in the Ansem avatar board that came out with the Roxas Banner. But an Attack Boost skill is your best choice here.

Overall Impression

Overall, Roxas Art Ver. EX is an amazing Speed medal. It completely destroys the competition at the moment, and I expect to see this trend for some time to come. Sleeping Lion makes this medal's true colors shine, but supposedly when Fairy Stars comes out, it will work well on that as well. My advice? Pull while you still can, and if you don't get him now, save up 15 000 Jewels, as he will become a mercy pull in the future.