Warframe: Operation Plague Star Guide

Warframe: Operation Plague Star Guide

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What is Operation: Plague Star?

Operation: Plague Star is a limited time event in Warframe. On the Plains of Eidolon, an Infested boil has crashed. Cetus is threatened by the impending danger of the Infested, but there is hope. Vay Hek has a toxin that could hurt the boil. Now you have to do the dirty work.

The Mission

To start Plague Star, go to Konzu in Cetus and take the "Operation: Plague Star" Bounty. There will be four stages to this bounty, and it will require a little running just like any Plains mission, so make sure you can get around easily.

- Stage 1: All you have to do here is go to the location indicated and take the toxin from a machine. That's all.

- Stage 2: The indicator will now point to another area with a Grineer mixer. Go there and insert the toxin to prepare it. This stage is very important, as it is the point where you can use consumables to enhance the mission. There are two consumables that can be used here, up to four(4) times EACH, and both have a different effect:

Infested Catalyst - for each one used, a Hemocyte will spawn during the final phase. More on them later. Blueprint is obtained from the Clan Dojo.

Eidolon Phylaxis - for each one used, the difficulty of the mission will increase, and you will receive more Operation Syndicate standing when you complete the mission. Blueprint is obtained from the Operation Syndicate dealer (Narak, the mask seller in Cetus).

Any time while the toxin is mixing, you can use these consumables. Meanwhile, you must defend the mixer from enemies until time's up.

- Stage 3: Take the toxin from the mixer and transport it to a Grineer drone nearby. The drone must then be defended as it makes its way to the Infested boil. Once there, it will inject the boil with the toxin.

- Stage 4: The final stage consists of an Exterminate style of mission, where you will fight a lot of swarming Infested enemies. For each Infested Catalyst that was used in Stage 2, a Hemocyte will spawn evenly apart in terms of stage completion percentage (e.g. If four(4) Infested Catalysts were added, there will be a Hemocyte every 25%). This giant Infested has three heads, each with a different attack:

The green lighted head releases a multitude of spores across the area, creating Toxic AOE zones.

The yellow head releases a barrage of homing projecticles.

The blue head wields a giant scythe like weapon and will physically strike at you.

It also has a body slam attack for close range. The spots to kill are each heads' colored area, when revealed.

Each Hemocyte killed will drop one(1) Hemocyte Cystolith. It can also drop Hunter mods. Once you kill all the Infested, the mission will be complete, and you can head back to Cetus.


As previously mentioned, Hemocytes can drop two special items: Hunter set mods, and Hemocyte Cystolith. The Cystoliths can be used to build Plague Star Trophies in your Clan Dojo. There are four types of Trophies to earn:

Terracota - requires 10 Cystoliths.
Bronze - requires 25 Cystoliths.
Silver - requires 50 Cystoliths.
Gold - requires 100 Cystoliths.

Keep in mind: the Tier of your Clan will multiply this requirement.

Ghost - 1x
Shadow - 3x
Storm - 10x
Mountain - 30x
Moon - 100x

Standing can be used and traded in with Narak, the mask seller. Here you can obtain the blueprint for the Eidolon Phylaxis.

And that's the guide. Now you're ready to go out there and pop that Infested boil. Have fun.