Bravely Default: Unlocking the Vampire Guide

Bravely Default: Unlocking the Vampire Guide


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This article will be a quick guide on how to get the Vampire asterisk in Bravely Default for those who are playing through for the first time. Spoilers are minor.

The earliest time you can get the Vampire is Chapter 4, after defeating Braev Lee. Heading through Eternia as far north west as you can go along the mountain passes you'll come across a large castle. This is Vampire Castle, home to Lord Lester DeRosso, the vampire asterisk holder. Only problem is, you can't get in. There are six spherical holes in the door, and yo u are told to return with the six keystones to open the door.

If you've been playing the game to this point, you've probably seen these tall stone obelisks just sitting around the world. These can now be interacted with, and upon doing so thrusts your team into a Dragon boss fight.

Every obelisk has a different elemental dragon, and each has three abilities: a basic Bite attack that hits one person, an Elemental-Eye that weakens the party to the dragon's element, and a massive Elemental Breath attack that will hit all party members with the same element that the Eye attack weakens you to. This hits as a physical attack and each Breath can also cause different status ailments.

One strategy that works very well for all of the dragons is to have three Templars with White Magic or Spiritmaster commands and a single damage dealer, probably a Monk with Dark Knight commands would work well, and have the Templars take turns activating Rampart against the dragon's Breath attacks while the Monk deals damage with either Pressure Point or Phoenix Flight and Minus Strike. Otherwise, you will need to get more specific against each dragon's elemental types.

After getting all of the keystones, or as you get each one, return to Vampire Castle to place them in the door. Once all six have been placed in the door, you can enter the Castle. The only major item I would be excited about is a Blood Blade in a hidden passage on the first floor, in the bottom left corner. Make your way through the castle, and Lord DeRosso will appear as you approach each painting to tell the party of his family's history and more backstory of the game. Upon reaching the last floor, you will fight him.

If you don't know how the Vampire job works, it's basically a job that drains everything - HP, MP, BP, it can even learn and use the abilities of creatures that hit the Vampire. DeRosso can be difficult, but upon beating him you will receive the Vampire asterisk. Congradulations, hope you enjoy the class, and I'll see ya soon.