Bravely Second: Belphegor Boss Guide

Bravely Second: Belphegor Boss Guide


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This article is on a side boss that I find more infuriating than Bravely Default's penultimate boss - Bravely Second's Belphegor, the Sin Beast of Sloth. MAN, is this one nasty little bugger. I'll go over his stats and mechanics, and then how you can squash this nuisance. Some spoiler warning, but I mean, I already put the penultimate boss of Default out in the open on another article.

So, in order to fight this boss in Second, you will have to beat Yoko in Vampire Castle during Chapter 6. Beating the beasts of the Seven Deadly Sins will grant you new spells and commands that can be used in combat as the Yokai. Too bad this is all extremely last minute and of no use now that the game is almost over.

One of these bosses is Belphegor. To find him, head to the southeast of Caldisla and find a stone obelisk like the ones required for finding the Dragons to enter Vampire Castle in Default. Then grab a bag of Doritos and get comfy, this is gonna be a long fight.

Belphegor is again the Sin Beast of Sloth, or laziness, and has just 100k HP on Normal difficulty, and 150k HP on Hard. So you're thinking, "oh, okay, only 11 Minus Strikes and he's dead? No problem!" Well… not quite. The thing that makes this boss such a pain in the ass is that he will absorb every type of damage thrown at him, EXCEPT for his elemental weakness. And if that's not bad enough, every time you successfully hit him, the weakness changes. At the least it follows a pattern, but holy crap is it annoying.

His arsenal doesn't make it any easier either. Hammer will hit one ally for twice the damage of a normal attack, that's okay. Diffusion Ray is a little nasty, hitting your whole party with basically four Light-damage Hammers. Then there's Sloth and its three other spells. Sloth is like Airy's Acadia, dispelling all your team's buffs and making you weak to all elements. And then it can cast -ja level spells, Firaja, Blizzaja, and Thundaja, across your entire team. (clap) WHOO, WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. Another small courtesy though, he can only cast one of the three spells at a time, depending upon which weakness he has: if the weakness is Fire, then he can only cast Thundaja; weak to Water, casts Firaja; and weak to Thunder, casts Blizzaja.

It doesn't end there either. Belphegor will also summon three Spheres from time to time to make your experience even more miserable. They don't have a lot of HP, only 1500 on Normal and 2250 on Hard, but they too have the shifting weakness mechanic. They can also cast all three of the -ja spells, and can also do a Body Slam which is a basic attack. Here's the catch: if a Sphere survives for six turns, it will Self Destruct for MASSIVE physical damage across your party.

So, after you understand that entire mess of a boss, how do you beat him? Well, first time I fought this boss, I didn't have any good mages or elemental damage, so it took me an hour. Luckily for you, you shouldn't have that problem.

I did some conversation with another Bravely Youtuber, Tables, to come up with some strategies. Make sure to check him out. Anyways, the most efficient way of going about this is probably with Wizards and use of the Ventriloquism ability. Ventriloquism makes it so that when you use a Spellcraft effect, it will automatically apply to all other spells for that turn. So, on the Ventriloquism Wizard, cast Heat and use Dart on it so it goes off right at the start of the turn, and then Frost and Lightning after that. Rain isn't ideal here, since we only want each spell to hit ONCE because the other hits would just heal the boss. And I suppose on the other Wizards, you'd have Brevity to increase your damage by making one spell act like it was being cast twice. Use two Rods on all of your damage dealers. Then on the others, just cast Heat, Frost, and Lightning IN THAT ORDER, and that's it. Don't try to get fancy and make different people go at different times to get three extra spells in, because a) the order might screw up, and b) you can loop this as it is. Black Magic could also be used instead, but you will need Spellcraft.

If you don't have a magic setup or don't like this, then we have to do something else. Give all characters Hawkeye commands so they can use Warhead to give their weapons elemental damage. Some of them as Ninjas would be pretty useful to use Shippujinrai and just blast Belphegor right from the start of the turn, and then you could use Maverick or Hidden Dragon to separate someone's attack, since those happen at the end of the turn. This way, you can hit at the start, in the middle, and at the end of the turn, and not worry about hits conflicting with each other. My Arms Master build was initially created for this boss but didn't work out the way I hoped it would. Although, this is a little messier since you'll need to change your Warhead on EVERY attack. You could have just three people with each one dedicated to one damage type and a healer.

Or, you can see what's behind door number three! There is an excellent and efficient third way of dealing with Belphegor, and it follows my original design of the Arms Master. All you need is Triple Wield, then equip Flare Hatchet or Flame Tongue in the right hand, Samidare or Ice Brand in the left, and Raikiri or Trident in the head slot, get some Physical Attack buffs, and just do normal attacks! When using multiple weapons, each weapon hits separately, so in this order you can burn down Belphegor in one turn on Normal if you hit for max on each go. Give this character the Ninja for a main with Frenetic Fighting and just go for it! And if you have neither of these, like I did at the time, well… you're gonna have to take Black Mage, Wizard, Red Mage or something in and might end up using consumables. Or you could farm Buns. But hopefully, thanks to this, you won't need any of that.

Overall opinion of Belphegor though? He's a boss I enjoy hating. Very interesting mechanics: annoying, but interesting. And the whole seven deadly sins thing is pretty cool too. But so much rage. Anyways, I'm just blabbering now. Hope this helped you out. And if you're fighting this thing in Default because it's a Nemesis, use Spell Fencer instead of Hawkeye. That's all I got. I'll see ya soon.