Bravely Second: Cat Burglar Build (Custom Combo)

Bravely Second: Cat Burglar Build (Custom Combo)


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Today's Bravely build is the Cat Burglar. I don't usually do builds involving jobs that using items since I don't like having to rely on resources that could run out mid fight, no matter how many I have. But, this idea struck me as interesting, so I decided to do it.

If you haven't already guessed from the name, it's a Thief with Catmancer commands. Our abilities today are Rob Blind for the passive, Big Bad Burglar, Learning, Attack Item Amp, Critical Hitter, and Waste Not. This build has some abilities that can work as replacements, such as Prolong Enfeeble and Items for All. Equipment doesn't matter too much, I used two Daggers and Hermes Shoes.

The Cat Burglar is actually a better damage setup using the Thief, so the Criminal build I previously made is a little less useful now. Firstly, Rob Blind allows you to steal two items at a time rather than one, so that's good. Just know that it doesn't apply to the Dig command of the Cat Burglar unfortunately.

But, to make up for the fact that you don't get as much there, we have Waste Not, giving you a 50% chance to use an item without consuming it in battle.

Attack Item Amp increases damage done with items, so that fits with your Catmancer some more, and Critical Hitter gives you a 25% chance on top of that to hit for double damage. And you get a 25% P. Atk boost every time you Steal an item thanks to Big Bad Burglar.

And the last one on the list, Learning, lets you learn enemy abilities for Catmancy and Cat Mastery if you don't have found all of those yet. If you have, that's why there's replacement abilities, again those were Items for All and Prolong Enfeeble, or anything else if you see something that works.

And that's the build. Didn't really have anything interesting to say about the build, like I previously stated, I'm not one for item based builds. But I'd be lying if I said this wasn't kinda cool to develop, I quite enjoyed making it.

Now for a quick message. I've gotten a lot of builds sent to me through the comments section, and a lot of them are really good. So, what would you guys think of a Bravely Build Review series? Let me know down below, or on Twitter, or anywhere else you guys can get to me from. They won't replace my OWN videos, and I'd definitely be giving credit to whoever made them. Also, want to apologize to anyone who has asked for me to make a certain video or article and I haven't made it in two months, I'm not ignoring them or just saying that it's a good idea, I'm just REALLY bad at scheduling.

Alright, that's all I've got to say. Hope everyone's summer is going great so far, and I'll see ya soon!