Bravely Second: Counter Lord Build (Custom Combo)

Bravely Second: Counter Lord Build (Custom Combo)


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Alright, today's build is most likely something that everyone has either thought of or used, so I figured I may as well show my own take on it. AND, and, wait, we… yes, we have confirmation, it is NOT a double build for once. I like calling it the Counter Lord setup.

The Counter Lord is a Swordmaster, obviously, with Fencer commands. Abilities include the passive Counter, Stampede, Muscle Memory, Fortitude, and Power Up. This build actually has a couple of other replacement abilities that may work better depending on how you like to play. For example, if I were playing, I'd probably replace Counter Amp with Fortitude.

Transience can also work here if you want full Counter potential, but the Swordmaster's Agility is only mid tier compared to other classes, so it's not entirely viable. If you make the Fencer the main, that changes, but then you'd need to have Counter in your abilities list and that takes up 2 slots, so, yeah. I also recommend Revenge in place of Power Up, but this is also a chance based ability, compared to Power Up being guaranteed every turn, so keep that in mind. Counter Amp is also an alright choice.

Equipment should probably be a Katana or Sword, and an Aegis Shield, while not necessary, can be useful. I would try getting high Def stats, since you'll be taking a lot of hits. Harena Shemagh will bring down the armour, but can provide blind immunity if you want to have a different Charm equipped than Silver Glasses, but blind immunity is pretty helpful.

Alright, so here's how the combo works in combat. This guy mostly operates on your opponents turn, doing lots and lots of counters, which is helpful on a good majority of bosses, including the Adventurer. Blatantly enough, the passive Counter ability on the Swordmaster gives a 60% chance to counter upon getting hit. Getting hit here also means single target physical attacks, by the way. And I don't think I need to explain Fortitude again since I use it way too much, but it's 1 BP every time you take damage while Defaulting.

Then Swordmaster's command set gives the player a ton of different counter abilities to use that make it stronger, like Nothing Ventured, Before Swine, and Eye for an Eye, which is stupid OP. If you don't know, Eye for an Eye lets you counter when an ALLY takes damage.

Alright, now for the Fencer, you have your different stances, but in particular, Stampede lets you counter when hit in Aurochs Stance, aka the defensive one. Muscle Memory is also here since it keeps your boosts from a previous stance for ten turns after being in it, which is nice. And Power Up gives you a 5% boost to your Physical and Magic attack and defence stats every turn.

Now for the other abilities. Like I said before, Transience doesn't work as well with the Swordmaster, maybe better with the Fencer, but I still don't recommend it myself. Revenge is also useful, considering its trigger rate is only 10% less than that of Counter, but even then it's still a chance ability, and my personal preference is guarantee than chance, especially since I've already got Fortitude equipped. Counter Amp, eh. It's more damage on counters, which yeah, that's great for this since it's mainly counters you'll be doing, but again it can be easily replaced and will have no catastrophic consequences on the build.

And that's the Counter Lord. I had this one on hold for a really long time, dunno why. Also had a good chat with one of you the other day, thanks for the advice, and I'll try doing some deeper analysis articles for each class and stuff in the future. But that's all for now. If you guys have any questions or requests for the future, let me know in the comments. Quick mention, I've got a Twitter, Discord and my own website going now, links will all be in the description if you are interested. Thanks for watching everyone, and I'll see ya soon.