Bravely Second: Ghost Mage Team Build

Bravely Second: Ghost Mage Team Build

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I fear no man, but that THING… It scares me. Did you want to break any remaining semblance of balance that your copy of Bravely Second might have? Yes? Then you’ve come to the right video, because this build… is downright disgusting.

As much as I love this game, there’s a LOT of overpowered stuff in it. One such setup is known as the Ghost Mage build, and today we’re going to go over it. Now as the name implies, the build focuses around two aspects: the Ghost status ailment, and Magic. Let’s quickly go over what Ghost does before moving on.

What is Ghost state?

Ghost is a status ailment new to Bravely Second. When affected, it whites out the player and they are “technically” treated as being knocked out. They cannot be targeted - key word, targeted - by allies or enemies, their health is set to 0, and if all other non affected party members go down, then it will be a game over. However, there are two actions someone in Ghost form may take: Default, and Magic. Why on earth they allowed magic is beyond me, but it is that, paired with the zero HP rule, that makes this build possible. Keep them in mind as we move on.

Setting Up

Now onto the actual setup. First, you must get three of your party members put into Ghost mode. This can most easily be done by equipping the Exorcist ability Ectoplasm to these three, then allowing them to die in a battle and then running away with one person left. You can speed this up by giving them Dark Knight commands for the time being and lowering their health until they get slapped.

Once you have your three Ghosts, it’s time to give them the tools to become cancerous. All three will be given Time Magic as a secondary command, but for the primary job, give one of these Ghosts Wizard, and the other two Yokai. The last member of the time, who is not a Ghost, should be made as tanky as possible, with jobs like Knight, Guardian, etc, or some kind of setup that will keep that person alive all the time. Kaiser is a good side pick, as you’ll see in a bit. If you do, take Prescience.

To the Wizard! With Spellcraft as their passive, give them MP Free In A Pinch, Barrage, and Ventriloquism. Equipment should be anything to increase M. Atk, but perhaps save your best items for the other two Ghosts. As for them, having Echo for their passives, you want to give them MP Free and Barrage as well, but instead of Ventriloquism, give them Chainspell. You might see where this is going, and you’re probably right. I really hate that you can do this.

How to Use

So how do you use this crazy party? Well, at the start of a turn, have your Wizard cast Meteor from Time Magic, and Spellcraft it with Rain. Then, cast Meteor two more times. For the other Ghosts, simply cast Meteor four times each. And if you took a Kaiser, use Noble Eagle and perhaps Spring Awakening.

Now let’s breakdown the mess that’s happening on screen. The Kaiser will pop off to start, buffing your party by giving them 200% M.Atk from Noble Eagle, one of the only ways you can buff a Ghost. Next, the Wizard fully Braves out and casts three Meteor Rains. They only get three off because one action slot is reserved for Rain, but it’s the only one needed. Why? Because Ventriloquism applies a Spellcraft command to all following spells on that turn - including for allies. Which means that the four Meteors being cast by the Yokai Ghosts are now Meteor Rains too, the most powerful damage spell you can do. Seriously, this thing rip through enemies like a hot knife in butter.

Oh, but we’re not done here yet. Even though you’re likely already hitting them 11 times for max damage, thanks to Barrage and the Noble Eagle buff, you still have the other abilities to take care of - Chainspell and Echo. Chainspell is a guaranteed proc, because when you cast one spell, it gives you a second cast for free. Echo also follows suit, where upon any spell cast by the ability holder, you get a 25% chance to recast it for free as well.

Just How Much Damage Are We Talking?

Perhaps we should do a little math to find the average amount of damage one can do. Now a cast of Meteor Rain hits the opponent four times, and hopefully with the proper equipment and buffs, each hit is landing for 9999. Let’s just round up to 10k for convenience. Now we separate Wizard and Yokai damage. Wizard is easy; three casts of Meteor Rain.

Moving on! Each Yokai casts Meteor Rain four times. Then Chainspell doubles that to eight each, or 16 together. Now Echo has a 25% chance of going off on each of those, so averaging it out we get an extra 4 casts from that.

But wait, there’s more! Echo can, ugh… Echo can proc off of ITSELF, so another 25% chance and we have one extra cast, putting us up to 21 casts of Meteor Rain from the Yokais. Add this to the 3 casts from the Wizard, and we have a total of 24 Meteor Rain casts this turn. Each of those spells hits four times, so 24 times 4 is 96 hits. If each of those do max damage, we are looking at 960 000 damage in one turn alone. Just under one million damage!

Let’s just do a little theory crafting then, shall we? Let’s go with the assumption that on the Yokais, all of the original sixteen spells proc Echo. So, that’s another sixteen spells, then four more on top of that, and one more after that. 16 + 16 + 4 + 1 is equal to 37 casts! Adding the Wizard’s 3 we have 40 casts of Meteor Rain now. 40 x 4 = 160 hits, which equates to 1.6 million damage. Yeah. This is not okay.

What was that? You wouldn’t have enough MP to keep this up? Well, that’s where the MP Free In A Pinch comes in. See, since they’re all Ghosts, their HP is 0, and MP Free makes spells cost zero MP when your health is below 25%, so it goes off on every single cast.

And That's A Wrap

Ya see why I kinda don’t like this build now? It’s absurdly overpowered, and can kill almost anything with relative ease. Well, that’s all I’ve got. I hope you enjoy your new ridiculously broken team combo. If you have any requests or ideas for future videos, share em in the comments, on Twitter, or in my Discord. Links in the description. As for me, I’m gonna go find some hard object to bang my head against for a few hours to forget this build exists.