Bravely Second: Hero Shield Guide (+Duplication Glitch)

Bravely Second: Hero Shield Guide (+Duplication Glitch)

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Hey there! Having trouble filling out that last item spot in your journal? Is it a shield? Yeah, that explains a lot. It would appear that you are missing the Hero Shield, and I’m going to explain how to get it, as well as how to get duplicates of it. Now this is a post game item, so there will be minor spoilers involved.

Obtaining The Hero Shield

The Hero Shield is a special Shield that bestows you with 50% resistance to every element damage type.

First, you will need to get your hands on a Bloody Shield. There are only two instances you can obtain a Bloody Shield in Bravely Second, up to a max of three in one play through.

Two can stolen off of Geist in chapter 5 specifically, but you MUST have the Rob Blind ability active in order to get the extra one, or else you’ll only get one.

The other Bloody Shield can be found in Dimension’s Cauldron, where the Adventurer secret boss is, on 2nd Floor West near the middle of the room. Dimension’s Cauldron only opens after beating the game, as a head’s up.

Alright, so now that you have the Bloody Shield, take it into battle 255 times. Yup. 255 times. After that, it will turn into a Hero Shield! And this will work for each copy you’ve picked up! However, you’re probably interested in the duplication method, right?

Duplicating Hero Shields

So, to get duplicate Hero Shields, you will need the Dual Shield ability from the Knight job. Make sure to put the Bloody Shield in your RIGHT HAND, where you usually hold a weapon. Having a Shield in the other hand is also required, any shield will do. When you reach the 255 battle threshold, the Bloody Shield won’t transform, but you will obtain a Hero Shield.

However, it is ill advised to leave a Bloody Shield in your inventory when doing this, as when the transformation happens, you can actually lose the one in your inventory, so keep that in mind.

Removing your Bloody Shield can also result in it disappearing.

Equipping multiple Bloody Shields to multiple characters will not give you more Hero Shields upon reaching the 255 battle completions.

(Red Nova Tyrant cannot be held responsible for any lost Shields should you decide to undertake this exploitation glitch.)

And that’s it! Now you’re on your way to getting a Hero Shield. I didn’t say have because it’s gonna be some work, but if you use the Obliterate ability from the Yokai class, you should be able to blitz through the battles a lot faster.