Bravely Second: Hunter Build (Custom Combo) - Destiny Fireteam Build Part 3/3

Bravely Second: Hunter Build (Custom Combo) - Destiny Fireteam Build Part 3/3

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Let's finish off this Destiny themed team build, shall we? We've gone over the Titan and Warlock, now let's get to the swift killer known as the Hunter. For this character, we have a Hawkeye with Ninja commands, very fitting. Abilities are Eagle Eye as a passive, Barrage, Crossfire, Precision, and Frenetic Fighting.

Our equipment will be a Firearm, or possibly a Bow, due to the Nightstalker classes Super, Harena Shemagh, Ninja Garb, and Dwarven Gloves. First time in a while I've actually had a more specific equipment setup, huh?

Anyways, here's how this goes down. The Hunter is the damage dealer of the group, so they'll be getting a lot of attacks in. First, Eagle Eye already gives you a 100% boost to Accuracy, so it's gonna be very difficult to miss your shots. Next, Frenetic Fighting will allow you to double your possible hit count, going up to 32 hits now. Then Precision increases your damage when all normal attacks connect, and Barrage increases your damage for each attack you make on a turn. And after all that, Crossfire gives you a 25% chance to attack again after an ally inflicts damage.

Now for the uses. Blink Strike can be replaced with Shippujinrai, getting in attack really quick at the start of the turn, and the other evasion based skills under the Ninja job will reflect the Hunter's high Agility stats in Destiny. The Warlock can also raise this character's Speed and Evasion, making them even harder to hit and more likely to hit first.

All of the Hawkeye abilities are really great for dealing damage otherwise; Warhead for imbuing damage types onto your weapon, almost just like changing weapons in Destiny, Maverick to hit hard at the end of the turn, Harpoon to ignore enemy Defence, all of them are great. The Firearm Special "Laser Discharge" can act as a Golden Gun Super for the Gunslinger, and if a Bow is used, Cursed Arrow is an Enfeebling Special, just like how Shadow Shot for the Nightstalker is mainly an enfeebling Super.

If a Dagger is actually chosen, using Warhead to give it Lightning damage and then doing anything else would work well as an Arc Blade Super. Charioteer could use Throw Weapon to make it a Throwing Knife as well. Harena Shemagh makes you immune to blindness, but Ribbon could also be used, Ninja Garb increases your Agility, and Dwarven Gloves increases your Dexterity, the stat your Firearm or Bow's damage is based on.

And that's the Hunter, and with that the completion of my Destiny Fireteam themed build. The Hunter was easy to find Super like abilities for, but doesn't sound super impressive, just deals a lot of damage. Overall, I think I did the best I could, and it turned out alright. Might be a little difficult to use this team, but hey it could be a fun challenge too. Two sides of the same coin I guess. If you noticed anything I missed or could also work, or have any different requests for future videos, let me know in the comments. FIGHT FOREVER GUARDIAN!