Bravely Second: My Top 5 Jobs

Bravely Second: My Top 5 Jobs

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The Best Bravely Second Jobs?

I’ve been asked a couple of times what my favourite classes were or what the best jobs were in Bravely Second. I don’t really like the idea of saying which one is “best” since that’s a pretty situational question. But, there are a few classes that I particularly like myself and work well with my play style, so I have no problem sharing those today. So here are my PERSONAL top 5 Bravely Second jobs. Important note, these aren’t really in any particular order.

#1 Bishop - Best Healer

So, first up: Bishop. Bishop is the holy child of White Mage and Spiritmaster. Now while Spiritmaster has a lot of defensive magical barrier spells it can use, and the ever infamous Stillness, its healing capability was lack luster. White Mage was the vice versa; while White Mage is a great source of healing, capped numbers are nothing compared to percentages. Hence, Bishop comes out on top doing, more or less doing both of these jobs better. Percent based healing spells like Vivify and Benediction are incredibly strong, especially Benediction Mist, as well as Resurrect to revive multiple teammates with the proper ability set up. Calm is a nicely nerfed version of Stillness, but there’s a few spells that just add those little things that make the Bishop good as a whole, like Innocence to take care of status ailments, or Holy Night. Regaining 30% of your max HP when attacked while Defaulting sounds pretty alright, better than just taking damage at least. Some would argue Catmancer can be a better healer, but just one healing spell can’t even compare to the power of the Bishop.

#2 Wizard - Best Magic Damage

We may as well talk about the Bishop’s inverse class next: the Wizard. By far the most useful magic damage class, and it certainly shines in Second due to how much stronger magic is this game compared to Default. Spellcraft is the Wizard’s main appeal, being able to manipulate any spell however you want allows for a lot of possibilities. Everyone already knows about Meteor Rain, the most overpowered damage spell in the game, and Benediction Mist is another favorite for great passive healing. Ventriloquism is a very strong ability, though it is situational, as it applies whatever Spellcraft you used that turn to all other ally spells cast as well. If I were to be naming one job as “the best one”, I would probably go for this class. With Spirit Magic proportional to your INT stat and M.Atk, and Spellcraft giving you the Hammer ability, you can use it for both Magic and Physical damage, making for a character that can literally defeat any boss. If you don’t already have a Wizard on your team setup, you may want to reconsider.

#3 Pirate - Best Physical Damage

Let’s talk about a class now that’s shared between the two games. One of the best jobs in Default and is still rather useful in Second, the Pirate was originally a class I thought wasn’t going to be too great. But after using it in Default, it was immediately something I went for in Bravely Second. By far one of the strongest physical classes, if not THE strongest, the Pirate is well known for smashing shit over the head with an Axe, and applying massive debuffs of every kind to the enemy. P.Def, M.Def, Attack, Speed, all stripped away. Amped Strike and Double Damage are great and all, but eventually this class can just get to the point that Shell Split on its own is doing max damage. And with the Bully ability, your damage is increased even more from each debuff you have on an enemy, snowballing evermore. Magic may rule supreme in Bravely Second, but the Pirate reminds us that you can still crack a few heads with a trusty axe any day of the week.

#4 Dark Knight - Favorite Damage

Next up is the Dark Knight. Now, as much as I like Alternis as both a character and a meme, the Dark Knight has my absolute favorite damage ability: Minus Strike. I have ranted and raved about Minus Strike probably at every chance I’ve gotten, but for good reason. Unless the boss is immune to Physical damage, this is by far the best damage ability in the game. Using Phoenix Flight from the Monk to lower your HP to 1 and deal that much lost HP as damage, only to follow up with three more Minus Strikes is a combo I’ve since dubbed “Phoenix Striking”, and I love it because of how consistent and powerful it is. Its ability to ignore defense and just do pure damage is incredibly appealing. Hell, it’s the only way I’ve been able to kill hacked Ba’als that have so much Defense, you can’t hurt them. Now of course everyone knows the Dark Knight is a glass cannon, but it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Dark Bane, Black Bane, Rage for crying out loud, all draining your health as well as your enemies. In the end, the Dark Knight has always managed to find a place on my team, and I doubt it will ever leave should it continue to stay as it is.

#5 Exorcist - Favorite Job/Support

Exorcist. Oh boy. If there’s ever been a single class so broken and focused around the thing that makes it so broken, it’s the Exorcist. There’s others of course, but this one puts all others individually to shame with its Undo commands. The power to literally just reset whoever you want to any state in the last few turns is incredibly strong, whether it’s HP, MP, or even BP for crying out loud. And this isn’t just for allies. I actually killed Revenant with Undo HP in the duo boss fight because he possessed a team mate who died, and then I just “Undid” his HP to 0. And like… Eradication. It’s literally just a move that has a 1 in 3 chance of killing an enemy outright, across all enemies. Glossolalia, the ability to cast any spell shared by Friends and Guests as much as you WANT. This also makes for one hell of an annoying boss fight against its asterisk holder, Geist, who is probably one of my favorite characters in the series so far. His line delivery, his lore, his design, it all works together so well for him. Other combos are obviously stronger, but in terms of one job single-handedly breaking any sense of balance in the game, I’m giving it to the Exorcist. I know I always complain about OP builds and how they take the fun and difficulty out of the game, but if I’m being honest, this is probably my favorite class yet from the series, from both a functional and an aesthetic viewpoint.

Well, that’s a list of my personal top 5 Bravely Second jobs. What jobs do you guys like or find to be the best ones out there? Let me know in the comments. Got a question for me? Have any future requests? Leave me a comment. I'll see ya soon.