Bravely Second: Titan Build (Custom Combo) - Destiny Fireteam Build Part 1/3

Bravely Second: Titan Build (Custom Combo) - Destiny Fireteam Build Part 1/3

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So after my last build you guys gave me a lot of ideas for stuff to do for the next while, so that is awesome. I'm gonna do as many of them as I can, but let's start with this. stephan becka suggested a Destiny themed build, and since the latest Destiny 2 trailer was incredibly badass, I decided I'll do each of the three classes.

However, since a Fireteam can only be made up of three people (not counting Raid teams), someone will have to be a double build. Hence, part one, the Titan!

Our base character for the Titan will be a Knight with Guardian commands. Abilities will include the passive Protect Ally, Chivalrous Spirit, P. Def 20% Up, Two-Handed, Fortitude, and Twin Souls. Equipment will be a Greatsword of your choice, best Armour you can get, and Reflect Ring. Red Muleta is also a good choice.

For the the second character they will be a Valkyrie with Templar commands, and don't forget to give them equipment as well so they can increase the Titan's stats.

Sadly, the Guardian class isn't gonna work on each character, but at least it's on one so that's good. For our first member of the Fireteam, the Titan is like a mix and mash of the Defender and Striker subclasses.

Twin Souls just allows us to use the abilities of the other character, which you will be using Possessed on the Valkyrie to make this work. Chivalrous Spirit gives you a bonus 25% top P. Def every time you protect an ally under certain conditions, and P. Def 20% Up adds some more on top of that. Fortitude does what it always has, 1 BP per hit while Defaulting. And finally, Two-Handed puts the Greatsword in both of your hands so it deals more damage, and acts like a Sword in Destiny.

Now, let's go over this Titan. The main purpose is to act as much like the tank a good Titan tries to be in Destiny. The Knight allows us to protect low health allies from hits, or guard specific people if we want like Full Cover. It also gives us Super Charge, similar to a Shoulder Charge, which also happens to use your doubled P. Def as damage, so you can get that pretty high.

The Templar and Guardian also help out here as they have defending abilities like Soul Mirror for reflecting attacks, or "overshields" in a sense, and Rampart for a Ward of Dawn bubble, the Defender's Super ability.

Now the Valkyrie acts more like the Striker portion of the build, with Jumps being your Fist Of Havoc, and Crescent Moon kinda works like the Dark Drinker Sword's special attack, where you spin around and hit things. Or you can use a normal Sword special attack called Sonic Wave for a Bolt Caster like effect. Still the Cross Crusher Greatsword attack acts a lot like Destiny Sword functions as well. Spirit Barrier is also another great Ward of Dawn copycat, but only for yourself.

And that's the build. I had some fun making this. The Warlock will be up next, and then after that the Hunter. These will all come out close together. Thanks again to stephan becka for the request, if you have any other requests or questions, feel free to let me know in the comments, on Twitter, on Discord, yadda yadda yadda you know the drill. I'll see ya soon.