Bravely Second: Unlocking the Yokai Guide

Bravely Second: Unlocking the Yokai Guide


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So today's guide is on how to unlock the Yokai class in Bravely Second, along with how it works and how to unlock its spells. Spoilers are minimal.

So, in order to have access to the Yokai job, you will have to reach chapter 6 in the game. Head for Vampire Castle in the north west region of Eternia and enter it. You'll run into Yoko on multiple occasions as she plays the new role of Lord DeRosso in revealing more secrets about the past.

Upon reaching the final floor, you will fight her. Not to spoil a very nice thing about this sub scenario, but during her boss fight, a certain "helper's" Special attack theme will extend the duration of your own Specials as well, so make note of that. Her fight isn't particularly difficult in comparison to other fights throughout the game.

After beating Yoko, she will reveal the last piece of lore she has, and you will receive the Yokai job. This job is really cool and can be incredibly powerful in some ways, but it comes WAY too late into the game to be of any use at this point, other than allowing you to unlock the eleventh abilities on every job and easy farming with its Oblierate ability.

So, how do you unlock the spells for this class? Well, before disappearing, Yoko leaves it to the party to destroy the embodiments of sin across Luxendarc. Each one's destruction will result in the Yokai class gaining power. The Diabolism magic comes from killing these seven deadly sin bosses around the world, located at stone obelisks like the Dragons from Default. The Yokai and Vampire scenarios are literally just reversed.

This map shows the locations of each statue and sin beast. Upon defeating a beast, you will obtain the sin command associated with that beast. If you have fought a lot of Nemesisses in Bravely Default, it's likely you'll recognize some of these bosses.

And that's it. As cool as the job is, it's only particularly useful for getting those secret eleventh commands on jobs and end game farming. But I hope this helped you out. If you have any other questions or would like to see another guide on something you're struggling with, just leave me a comment or reach me on Twitter and I'll make something happen. I'll see ya soon.