Bravely Second: Warlock Build (Custom Combo) - Destiny Fireteam Build Part 2/3

Bravely Second: Warlock Build (Custom Combo) - Destiny Fireteam Build Part 2/3

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It's time to continue into part two of my Bravely Fireteam build. This video will elaborate on the Warlock, an ability based class with high Recovery stats. Basically the closest thing Destiny has to a healer, though the Destiny 2 beta seemed to be pushing them into that role. But enough chit chat, let's get on with the build.

The Warlock character will be a Wizard with Time Magic commands. Under our abilities, we have Spellcraft as passive, Blaze of Glory, Convert MP, Group-Cast Master, and Dawn of Odyssey. Your equipment will be a Firearm, since Destiny has guns, or a Rod if you want to do better in the game itself, Magnus Robes, and Magic Armlets.

Okay, let's talk about what this sucker does now. Like the Titan, I tried to base it off of the Destiny Warlock as much as I could. So, I focused a little more on the Sunsinger and Voidwalker classes.

For the only healing on this team, and follows the way that Destiny has regenerating health, the Warlock can cast Regen on their allies, which stays until it is dispelled and heals 3% of their HP each turn. Reraise is here so the Warlock can pull a self rez Radiance out, and Blaze of Glory is like a mini version of the Exotic Purifier Robes chest piece, dealing damage to all enemies when you die. There's also some buffing spells like Radiance's effects for your allies.

Now for dealing damage, the Wizard comes in for both of these classes. Spellcraft lets you mess with your spells and make them stronger or work in ways they normally wouldn't, which is excellent for any situation. For the Voidwalker Super, Nova Bomb, you can cast Shadow Nova or Shadow Blast. And Heat Rain could be the grenade spam that comes from using Radiance. Plus, with Group-Cast Master on, got it right this time, your potency won't decrease when casting across groups.

Then on the side we have Convert MP, giving you MP back equal to 5% of the damage you take, and Dawn of Odyssey to give you and the enemy 1 BP every four turns just for a more support like role. Steady MP Recover and Fortitude are good replacements for those if you don't like them.

And that's the build. Two parts down, one to go. The Hunter will be the last part of this team build. These have been really fun to do. As usual, if you guys have any requests for future builds or videos, let me know in the comments or wherever you can reach me. I'll see ya soon.