Bravely Third: NEWS AND UPDATES (August 2018)

Bravely Third: NEWS AND UPDATES (August 2018)

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There has been new developments involving a possible third Bravely game. On August 3, the official Octopath Traveler twitter released a tweet stating thanks for reaching one million sales with the game, accompanied by the following image. Two days later, the Bravely Default official Twitter responded with this image.

The image of the Octopath characters has been turned in reverse, and upon doing so, casts a shadow in the shape of Airy, the mascot on the cover of Bravely Default. The tweet then goes on, saying to “please pay attention to Square Enix 11 BD’s upcoming game.” This statement is possibly referring to a new Bravely game altogether, or it is the possibility of the previous two games being ported to the Nintendo Switch.

This is not the first time a continuation of the Bravely series has been hinted at. On October 11, 2016, the same year that Bravely Second had been announced, an image was revealed for Bravely Default’s fourth anniversary, with a comment apologizing for the lack of updates, and that there may be something soon at the time.

Then, on December 23 of last year, a Christmas themed image was revealed, showing Edea Lee holding what appeared to be a pair of Switch Joy-cons, hinting at a Switch game in the future.

Regardless, this latest update certainly has Bravely fans buzzing, and not just because of the image of Airy’s shadow. The Bravely twitter has changed its title, removing the word “Default” and simply leaving blank space, pointing even harder to the idea of a new installment.