Bravely Default/Second: The Celestial Realm Backstory

Bravely Default/Second: The Celestial Realm Backstory


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Alright, so after pulling a seven hour blast to get that Airy double feature out, and dealing with lots of life stuff, I return to find that we've hit 50 subs! Now that may be small compared to Youtube standards, but I think it deserves to be noticed. So big hand for all my viewers and subs out there, thanks everyone!

But enough chit chat! I've got an interesting topic for today's video - the Celestial Realm theory. It's basically been confirmed by this point after the events of Second, but I wanted to make this because a) it's just fun to talk about, b) some people may not understand it completely, and c) I might point out some things here and there you may have not noticed or forgotten. Now here's your spoiler warning for both Bravely Default and Second, and I mean REALLY spoiler heavy. If you don't care, or have heard about this but don't quite understand it though, watch on!

Okay, so in the Bravely series there is a back story on something called the Celestial Realm. So, let's go over that first. What exactly is the Celestial Realm then? Well, let's go back to Default to start this story. Lord Ouroboros' main goal was to invade the Celestial Realm, a place that he claimed was filled with love and benevolence, a world with no war, no strife. During the final phase of his boss fight, he calls out and says that he can see the Celestial Realm within his grasp. Little fun fact that you may or may not know, there is actually one enemy in particular that is FROM the Celestial Realm - the Light type Dragon from the Vampire job quest line, Shinryu. So what does this Celestial Realm look like? We'll get to that in a bit.

The next major mention of the Celestial Realm is in Bravely Second, where we have to clear away a large cluster of dark clouds at the Norende Ravine to enter into Via Celestia, the road to the Celestial Realm. Again, I will get into what it looks like in a bit. And finally, Lord Providence claims to be the god of the Celestial Realm.

So, what we have a world filled with kindness and light that seems to exist separately from Luxendarc, but has ties to it as well.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what the persons of Luxendarc think of the Celestial Realm, let's talk about its residents. Celestial Beings, like their world, are referenced multiple times throughout the games. In Default, both Mephilia and Ouroboros reveal that Tiz houses a Celestial within him, but Tiz lets the Celestial free after the ending of Default. Providence also pokes at another Celestial during his fight.

Okay, I get it, enough with the being vague act. So what, or who, actually is a Celestial Being? You. You, the one watching this video, the one playing the games, are the Celestial Being. Which means that the Celestial Realm is OUR world. Proof? Sure thing.
We have to jump all the way back to the very start of Default once again. When Tiz ends up as a lone survivor after Norende is swallowed by the chasm, he should technically be dead. But, the player ends up entering his body and giving him life once more. You are basically using Tiz as a vessel throughout the game's entirety, guiding the party along to their destinies.

Now Tiz isn't aware of our presence, as he appears to believe that his decisions are being made solely by himself. Mephilia and Ouroboros make him more aware of this fact eventually, but he doesn't really do anything about it. Until the end of Default, which is where I'm gonna be playing a guilt card on anyone watching. So prepare to feel terrible, everybody! At the end of Default, Tiz gives up the Celestial Being inside him and falls into a coma for two years, until Bravely Second begins. Kinda funny that it also took two years for the second game to come out, huh? Here's what I'm getting at: it's our fault, the player's fault, that Tiz went into a coma. We beat the game and stopped playing, so Tiz didn't have a Celestial Being anymore and therefore was empty once again. Until we returned to play the sequel two years later. Good work everyone, we made Anges sad together.

But enough guilt tripping. We do come back in Second, but this time we aren't directly affecting Tiz. This whole story, by the way, is confirmed by Bravely Second's opening movie. Now we are following Yew Geneolgia, and act once again as an outside will. Yew admits to feeling this will, and actually talks to the player in two different instances. The first was to ask the player to bring them back through time, that being starting a New Game + and restarting the story. The other is during the absolute best cutscene in the game, not to mention the most LITERALLY fourth-wall breaking thing I've ever seen. Yew speaks to the player trying to encourage them, along with all the other characters of the game, which was really awesome. Providence also directly interacts with the player, telling the party about how we take amusement in watching them suffer. And then the son of a gun tries to go and make us delete our own game data.

Can't forget about the camera moments either. Remember me mentioning the last phase of Ouroboros, and the Norende chasm in Bravely Second? Well, during both of those, the front camera will turn on, and show the player's face, showing that our world is indeed the Celestial Realm. If you still don't believe it for some reason, well, I've STILL got some proof.

The next bit of information is going to focus on summoning, and then we'll talk about a few more connections some characters and places have to this story. Mephilia is the Summoning asterisk holder, and is one of a handful of characters with connections to the Celestial Realm. The beasts she can summon are actually Celestial beasts from our realm, which makes sense. Susano-o is a giant warrior that uses power line towers as swords. Deus Ex is literally a clockwork spider. These come from our world, and enter into the mystical world of Luxendarc as these creatures. Mephilia, once again, is also the first person to make notice of Tiz housing the Celestial Being. This idea also applies to summoning friends: "worlds" in the Bravely universe are simply just other players' copies of the game.

Now let's get into some other characters that I haven't mentioned already that are connected. Anges is a big one. The "angel" in Default calls her a "child of the Celestial light". This is probably due to her abilities as a vestal to pray to the crystals, or rather, call to us, the Celestial Beings. Now how about Altair? He is apparently from the Celestial Realm, along with Vega and most likely Deneb. That would TECHNICALLY classify him as a Celestial Being. I mean, he did possess Tiz, just like we did, so…

Now to Providence. I had to talk more specifically about this guy. Providence is from the Celestial Realm, and claims to be our "god". During the fight against him, in phase one, the background shows power lines and a city. Since Via Celestia leads to the Celestial Realm, this shows that the party is very close to entering our world. When phase two starts, apart from the clouds, the background is EXACTLY the same as the main menu to the game, so now they are even CLOSER to breaking out of the 3DS. Then the false god starts taunting us and tries turning the party against us, telling them all about how we've controlled their actions over the course of the journey. And then tries to delete our game data. But is anyone aware of what Providence represents? Yes, I know, Illuminati confirmed - he even has a stinking move called New World Order - but think a little more seriously about it. He could be the embodiment of government, saying that we may live in this realm, but he rules it as a god, and controls our every move. That's possible. But another idea is in combination with the first form as well. The first form is that of a bird. (show dollar) That's right: is money the true source of despair? I'll let you think about that. Though, I don't really think Ouroboros got the memo, since he thinks our world knows "no strife".

In any case, those are my main examples I have on the Celestial Realm backstory. I am VERY happy that Square Enix did this kind of thing, very, very cool on their part to actually include the player into the storyline, and I can't wait to see what kinds of crazy things they'll do in the next game. But that'll be it for this article, thank you guys for reading, and another shout out for 50+ subs, really happy about that. If you guys have any other questions about this or any other pieces you want to see in the future, leave me a comment down below. I'll see ya soon.