Destiny 2 Beta: The Farm Social Space First Look

Destiny 2 Beta: The Farm Social Space First Look


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So yesterday on the Destiny 2 beta, the new social space called The Farm was open for one hour. Despite its small amount of time being open, I managed to get some footage of the place before it closed. Here's what I found.

- A set of very simple looking white and black guns. These colors generally indicate something like a Vanguard Quartermaster, where you can buy new weapons. This was located in an upstairs section of a large barn.

- Also inside this barn, there was a ship partially under repair. Guessing Amanda Holliday will be here.

- There were three boxes in this barn as well, with three former weapon manufacturers logos: Daito (the people who made Jade Rabbit), Hakke, and Suros, so it appears we'll be seeing them return in Destiny 2. We already know that Omolon also has some interesting new weapons like Pulse Rifles.

- Now there are also a great number of SRL model Sparrows sitting in the barn, but there's also what seems to be a new, large orange vehicle. I have no idea what this thing is, but it may be something like an Interceptor or a Pike. All I can pull from it is that it looks like it moves slower.

- Upon exiting the barn and looking at it, there is a large blue banner on the right side of the front with the three class symbols on it, so it's probably safe to assume that the barn is one of the places where the Vanguard will be. Or, it could just be there just because.

- Off in the distance, as I didn't know at the time of making the video, is a piece of the Traveller in the European Dead Zone, so I would guess that's where the Farm is more or less.

- As you pass by a small lantern that can be turned on and off, heading towards the little outdoor "sauna" and the pier, there is a group of boxes with another familiar logo on them: Dead Orbit, likely pointing towards a return of factions.

- The inside of the farmhouse has lots of Guardian tech and machines running, including Sparrows being repaired in the garage, and a larger control room-looking area, another possible place for the Vanguard, yet very small.

- Outside of the farmhouse, there's a small station set up with numbered boxes, and it seems about a perfect size and design for a Bounties NPC.

- Head over towards the waterwheel and fountain, we have two more distinct buildings: an Eververse tent (hurray microtransactions), and a Cryptarch tent for Tyra Karn, the Cryptarch from the Iron Temple in Rise of Iron.

- Back to the barn for a minute, outside and directly underneath where I believe the Vanguard Quartermaster to be, there are a group of bots with the Crucible logo on their chests, signifying this is likely where Shaxx or another Crucible Quartermaster will be.

- And lastly but certainly not least, Bungie has blessed us and given us a full soccer field to screw around in while we wait for a Raid team. There's two nets, the ball spawns in the middle, and if you score on a net, there's a little sparkler show that goes off. Now the light in the back of the nets have three slots, and each goal on a net lights up a new slot. When all three are lit on one net, you get some flares that go off as well as the sparklers, and then both nets reset.

Overall, I think this is a very nice and well designed social space, looks like it'll be a lot easier to navigate instead of running from one end of the Tower to the other all the time, and the soccer field is a really nice touch, since we all know how long it takes for teams to get ready. But those are just my own thoughts, let me know what you think down below in the comments. I'll see ya soon.