Destiny: How To Do King's Fall (Part 1)

Destiny: How To Do King's Fall (Part 1)


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Hey, look at that, me actually making a Destiny guide on relevant content. So, I'll keep this intro short and sweet. Since I've already made guides on Crota, Skolas, and Vault of Glass, naturally I needed to do one for the King's Fall Raid. The recommended Light level for Normal mode is 290, and Hard mode is 320. Normal mode drops loot up to 320 since the April update, and Hard mode drops up to 335. This guide will be put into four parts, and this part will only contain the start of the Raid, getting to the Totem phase for the first boss. It'll be a shorter guide, but I will cover all the parts of the Raid, right up to Oryx, so enough with the intro and let's get started. And I'm using this helmet for DESTINY stuff, okay? Okay.

You'll begin the Raid by the Court of Oryx on the Dreadnaught, back in the room where there's usually a Major Hive Knight or Wizard lurking around on Patrol. Near the front of this room, there will be 2 orbs floating by the statues that are used to summon Court bosses. Two people will have to grab this orbs, obviously, and bring them to the statue that is glowing. The rest of the team will be fighting Taken and breaking the doors that'll spawn in with each wave. The orbs have to be placed in the statue within a few seconds of each other, and they also have to be placed within a certain time frame after being grabbed.

When the orbs are taken, doors will block off five areas: the main area with the statues, both doors leading into the starting room, and two more sets of doors after that. These can just be shot down so do that. After each set of orbs have been placed, the next set will spawn further away from the Court than the last. Orb holders cannot double jump and must be careful of Taken Phalanxes, so they usually need to sprint around the enemies and just book it for the statues. Just be especially careful with those ones that spawn in midair, yeah…

I find the best way to do this is by splitting up into groups of two. Have two guys stick around the middle to clear out the adds by the statues and shoot down the large middle door and the two side doors, then the other two pairs go left and right, with one guy taking the orb and the other killing Taken and breaking more doors. Just keep filling up those statues and when you've done that six times, sprint through the portal that'll spawn in the Court and go get your crappy loot out of the chest on the other side.

Once that's done with, keep following the path. You'll come across a bunch of swinging... things. Jump across them and keep going until you reach an opening. There'll be some Hive nearby, including a special type of Acolyte called Adepts. If you kill an Adept while there are Acolytes still nearby, the Acolytes will begin to use a continuous blast, similar to an Ogre, which can deal some heavy damage if you sit in it. Just remember to kill all the Acolytes first, and then move on to Adepts.

After the Hive are dead, there will be a Tombship waiting to carry your team. This is a jumping puzzle that requires strong timing and attention. From the first ship, the next two come from the right. Going from 3 to 4, it will appear right in front of you. Ship #4 will take the players to a stationary platform that serves as a checkpoint for if you fall. Otherwise, you go back to the start, which will happen on Hard mode as the platform is not there on Hard.

Ship 5 appears literally on the right of Ship 4, so hit the platform quick and then get on 5. Carrying you "north", Ship 6 will come from the left and cross in front of you. Next, move somewhat back and avoid the first ship that'll cross your path from left to right - this is a fake, and will almost push you off. Do NOT jump on this ship, it's a fake. Then, right after it passes, sprint and get on the second ship that crosses in front from the right, this is the right ship. Looking in the direction that #7 is taking you, #8 will come back towards you. Get on it, then watch for 9 - it appears fast and really close. It'll take a bit before the last ship appears, but it'll appear somewhat in front and to the right. Hop on there and get to the platform, then wait around for a bit to make sure you get the checkpoint.

Moving along, there'll be another Tombship, along with two circles. Don't worry, it's not another puzzle. You'll need two people to stay on these circles so the door on the far side will open up, and you can pass through. If you want to, there's a narrow path to the secret chest on the left if you jump off before the gate. Be careful along there, make your way up, and then jump onto the ledge. However, the circles must be activated for that door to open as well. Once you get your chest, jump over to where the ships let you off, clear out the Hive, and stand on the two plates there so everyone else can get across. Once that's all done, head into the next room, grab the Calcified Fragment that's sitting on the right side of the middle pillar in the room, then go up the lift to get to the next area.

That's all for this video. I know, it wasn't much, but the next part will cover how to do the Prove Your Worth phase and the Warpriest fight itself. So hang in there, it's a complicated Raid, and hopefully the jumping puzzle is easier now. I'll be back with Warpriest in the next part, and I'll see ya soon.