Destiny: How To Do King's Fall (Part 2)

Destiny: How To Do King's Fall (Part 2)


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Alright, Guardian, welcome back to my guide for King's Fall. Last time we left off right after completing the Tombship jumping puzzle, so let's get right back into it.

After you head up the lift and follow the hallway, you'll come into a large room. There will be a plate in the centre, and a tall door with many Hive kneeled in prayer by the door. Don't shoot them yet - doing so will activate the next part, and this is going to take some explaining.

Your team will need to split into two groups. Connected to this main room are two more smaller rooms, with another plate in each room. If you recognize this kind of plate, then good for you, as these are the same Annihilator Totems from the Crota's End raid. There will be a little orb of energy also in the doorway to these rooms. When you begin, have two people run to each room, one of them grabbing this orb, or Brand. The other two people should clear out the praying Hive, then go over to their planned sides.

While you are in these side rooms, you will continuously take damage if you are not within the range of the Brand holder. The Brand holder creates a zone of immunity to this draining, and you will need this in order to hold the Totems. Once you start, the Totems will activate, so you must sprint over to the plate and always have at least one person on the plate. If a Totem is uncontrolled, it will eventually wipe the entire team.

The Brand is key to this entire phase. When you take it, you will hold it for 30 seconds. Once that time is up, it will pass over to someone else who is INSIDE the Brand zone for another 30 seconds. If no one is inside the zone when the timer hits zero, the Brand will not pass, and you'll have to go grab it again where it was at the start. This is bad as it can throw of the timing of the encounter completely, and this encounter really is all about proper timing.

If the timing is correct, when the Brand passes over, a Knight will spawn on an upper ledge. Take him down quickly, I usually like to have a sniper on hand. Then, the person who had the Brand before will gain a new buff called Deathsinger's Power x10. This player has to run to the middle room, and stand on that centre plate until all the power is gone. This Power is what will open the door. You have to get rid off ALL of the Power, you cannot take the Brand if there is anything left on you. Once it's gone, run back to your plate to take the Brand again, and repeat the cycle.

Here's a simple rundown of how it works: Player A takes the Brand and runs with Player B to the Totem to keep it from killing everyone, while Player C stays back for a minute to Shadowshot the praying Hive, then runs to join up with their side. Player A's Brand expires and passes to B, Knight spawns, and B kills it while A runs to middle room to get rid of their Deathsinger's Power. Then B's brand expires, passes to C, then B runs up to middle while A is running back to take the Brand again. Keep repeating this on both sides, and eventually, the Warpriest will deem you worthy, and you can go get your loot.

Well, that was a bit of a complicated mess, but it's gonna get a lot more drastic soon. After getting your loot, enter the Warpriest's room. There will be three plates for the players, along with a large totem in front of each plate. This fight requires a lot of listening and teamwork, so pay close attention.

To activate the fight, have three people stand on the plates at the same time. The team should be split into three groups of two now - two up on left, two in middle, and two on right. The Warpriest will spawn on the higher platform towards the front of the room. Guardians will kill waves of enemies, including Adepts, remember to be careful with them, while avoiding the Warpriest's blasts.

Keep killing waves until you hear a loud shouting noise. This is when yellow bar Knights will come in. After taking them out, the Warpriest will begin his sequence. On the backside of the three plate totems, part of them can light up. Have some hid on the Warpriest's platform or someone in middle go up against the wall, the green X's, and read off which totem is lit up. The totems indicate the order that your teammates will have to activate the plates. Once you are on a plate, do not get off or else the sequence will have to be restarted. When the third plate is stood on, the player that stood on it will gain another buff called Brand of the Initiate. This aura is similar to the Brand from the Prove Your Worth phase from earlier. Your teammates can only damage the Warpriest if they are within the red zone around the Aura holder.

The Aura holder's job is not to deal damage, but to pay attention to the buff. You will have 5 stacks of this buff, each lasting 10 seconds. If you kill an enemy, you'll lose one stack, and the timer will reset to 10. If you don't kill an enemy before the timer expires, you will die and the Aura will pass over to another random player with one less stack than you had. So, around 3 or 2 seconds left, the Aura holder must find a nearby add - without walking away from their teammates - and kill it. Waiting until the last possible second to kill something extends how long your team can damage the Warpriest.

Once all of the stacks are gone, the Aura will disappear and the Warpriest will call upon the Oculus. Your team must hide in the shadow of one of the three totems in order to survive. If anyone is caught in the blasting light of the Oculus, they will die. After the Oculus finishes, the totem used as cover will disappear. A floating red energy will replace the light on the back of the totem during the sequence. After the second totem is absorbed, Taken will spawn instead of Hive. Since there are only three totems, this means you can only get four damage cycles in before you will fail.

For weapons, I like to use snipers here, particularly Black Spindle as it is the perfect sniper for this type of situation. A Hunter with Black Hole Shadowshot is also very helpful for damage. First Curse I've heard is good for dealing with adds if you are the planned Aura Holder for the team, and Titan bubbles with Blessing and Weapons of Light are great, since the Aura doesn't provide any damage immunity. Meeting up for damage, I usually go middle, right, and then middle to finish him, but that's usually a good Raid team. Sometimes you can get him in two, or even one cycle.

Now for the Hard mode notes. As always, we have the Perma-Death active, so if you die, you're dead until your team hits a checkpoint or wipes. For Totems, the door takes longer to open and yellow bar Knights eventually start coming in later waves. And lastly, but most importantly, anytime the Warpriest absorbs a totem after the Oculus, depending on which totem was absorbed, he will gain a new ability. Left totem gives him the Taken Centurion Axion Dart, the little balls that traces you; middle gives him the seeking bolts that Taken Hobgoblins use; and right gives him the Taken Captain blinding bubbles. Choose wisely, Guardian. After you've killed him, the gate behind where he stood will be open. Next time we'll go over what's behind that gate. But that's all for this part, so thanks for reading, and I'll see ya soon.