Destiny: How To Do The Vault of Glass (Part 1)

Destiny: How To Do The Vault of Glass (Part 1)


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Destiny has many different activities where one can earn loot and level up. The highest, most difficult, and most rewarding, activities are the Raids, where a group of six enters a length dungeon to fight through multiple phases, picking up mechanics that will eventually be used in the final boss fight of the Raid. However, many Raid teams are very hard to get together and many times fall apart because people don't work together or don't know how to do the Raid.

So, in this article, I will be going over a walkthrough of how to complete the Vault of Glass, the first Raid in Destiny. This walkthrough will be cut into two parts, this part containing the information on how to get from the beginning to beating the Templar. Vault of Glass is a great experience for a newer Raid team, and I personally have some epic memories from this place. So if you are part of that team of misfits or new players, let's get started.

You will begin the Vault of Glass outside. There will be the large entrance gate at the top of the cliff, and three Sync Plates - one on the left, one up in front of the gate, and one more on the right hand cliff. It is up to your Fireteam to summon a Spire by standing on these plates and protecting them from the Vex. The best strategy here is to split up into three groups of two, so you will have two people per plate, obviously. Once you touch a plate, you do not need to stand inside the circle to hold it, it will stay active either way.

Vex will spawn in waves as your team tries to take the plates. A special yellow bar Minotaur called a Praetorian will spawn every so often. These are your primary targets: the other Vex mean nothing when it comes to the plate, but you cannot allow the Praetorians to enter the circle. If they do, the Sync Plate will be taken back to the Vex and the Spire will begin to disappear. The easiest plate to hold is the middle, as the Vex mostly spawn in four spots, two on the left and two on the right. Waves that spawn at the points closer to the middle alternate between a wave to the middle and then a wave to the plate on that side. If you see a group having trouble, fire a couple of sniper or rocket shots down on their Vex to help them out. Grenades are cool too. A note to help you out with damage: the only enemies in the Vault, with simple, non-mechanic-based shields, are the Praetorians, so having some Void damage throughout the Raid will help in the long run.

As you hold these plates, the Spire will form in the center of the area. All three plates must be held at the same time in order for the Spire to form. The Spire will be complete once all of the blocks have spawned in AND all the little light particles around it have disappeared. Once it's completed built, a laser shall fire from the Spire and open the door. When this happens, an alert will appear in the corner of the screen and you may head up to the gate.

Once you enter the Vault, on foot or on Sparrow, follow the path and you'll come across a chest. Don't get incredibly excited, it only contain Ascendent Materials. Keep going and you'll find a few platforms to jump along, leading to a larger area called The Templar's Well. When you jump down into the area, the first phase will begin. This phase is a defend-the-Conflux objective. If you've done the public events, then you'll know what you're doing, but for those who don't, all you have to do is kill the Vex that try to approach and sacrifice themselves to the Conflux. If too many sacrifice themselves, the Fireteam will wipe.

Once you've protected the middle Conflux long enough, the next round will begin, giving you TWO Confluxes to defend at the same time, one on left and one on right. Once again, your team will have to defend the Confluxes, splitting up into groups of three. After that, there will be one last round, where your team must defend the left, right, AND middle Confluxes at once. Split up as you did during the Spire phase and kill those Vex!

There is one thing to be weary of. Special headless Goblins called Fanatics will spawn throughout the phase. If you can't figure out which one's are Fanatics, they glow misty green, and drop a puddle of green goo when they die. Do NOT touch the green or get touched by a Fanatic (that is, self destructed by one). This will result in you ending up with a debuff called Mark of Negation. It doesn't do anything to you, except kills you when the Templar calls on his occasional Ritual of Negation. The only way to get rid of this Mark is to enter the pool of light in the very centre of the room, shown by a bright light. But be warned: your team can only cleanse themselves so many times before the pool runs out. Also be careful of the Templar itself as it will stand guard over the area, firing Hydra blasts at all of you. Keep protecting the confluxes until they all disappear. From completing the objective, not by Vex sacrifices, of course.

As soon as you complete the last round of the Confluxes, you will be immediately thrown into the next phase: Oracles. Oracles are bright greenish-yellow boxes that will spawn in one of seven spots in the Well, their spawn accompanied with a music note. Each music note is a different spot, but unless you're a musician then this means nothing. However, if you are, then try using your magic ears to figure out which one has spawned via sound.

Anyways, the objective of this round is to destroy the Oracles. Each round they will spawn faster and in greater numbers, so you have to be very quick to take them out. If an Oracle stays up for too long, it will place the same Mark of Negation that a Fanatic will put on you, so same deal, go to middle and cleanse yourself. Also note that other Vex will still spawn, and you get the bonus of having Vex Hobgoblins shooting at you from the platforms around the area, along with the Templar as well. The end of a wave is followed by the Templar using his Ritual attack, which generally takes place after about a minute of a wave. Once you've completed seven waves of Oracles, everything will finally back off for a bit, you'll get the Templar checkpoint, and receive your first loot drop.

If you are reading this at the same time as you are playing, well, first off, thank you for choosing MY walkthrough, and secondly, STOP. Playing, I mean. Do not let ANYONE take the Relic, and just watch for now, because not knowing what to do in this next phase can be bad.

Alright, now for the fun part: the Templar. To activate the fight, have someone pick up the Relic that has replaced the pool of light in the centre of the room. As soon as that happens, the fight will begin, and the Templar will spawn, shooting Hydra blasts at all of your team. The Relic holder is the most important role in this fight. The Templar's shield can only be dropped in one way: by using the Relic's Super blast on it. Luckily, the Relic's Super charges faster than a usual Super, and even faster if you kill the Harpies that spawn with it. One Oracle will also spawn and try to Mark your team, so take it out quick before the Templar's Ritual takes place. The Ritual is the best time to use the Relic Super on the Templar.

Once the Templar's shield is dropped, a Stasis Bubble will form over some of your teammates. This shield must be broken by guns and team or self attacks. If you walk out of the bubble, you will die. The best way to deal with this is to keep your group close together, and then have your Relic holder jump and then do a smash attack into the ground, which will break the bubbles immediately. Once the bubbles are down, proceed to deal damage on the Templar.

If your team gets Marked, group up on your Relic holder. One of the Relic abilities is a shield, which when summoned, cleanses all teammates of debuffs and protects them from shots while they can fire bullets out of it. Rockets do not work though, so jump out if you wanna put a rocket in the Templar's face.

After a short time of having its shield dropped, the Templar will attempt to teleport and regain its shield. A large circle and pillar of light will show where the Templar plans to move to. If you wish to stop it from teleporting, or are trying for the secret fifth chest, have at least one Guardian stand inside this circle. This will prevent the Templar from moving, keeping it in the same spot, but it will also cause the spawn of a wave of Minotaurs.

One very important note: if the person holding the Relic dies and drops it, someone on your team MUST pick it up within about five seconds, or else you will wipe. Keep repeating the following cycle: kill Harpies, kill Oracle, cleanse, Relic super on the Templar's shields, and then DPS. Continue this, and eventually you will defeat this Hydra, resulting in your next checkpoint and loot drop. Congradulations, you're halfway done the Vault of Glass!

A few Hard mode notes to keep in mind: while inside a Darkness Zone, so anytime while inside the Templar's Well, if you die, you cannot be revived until a checkpoint is reached or a wipe. Also, during the Templar fight, two Oracles will spawn instead of one. Remember, this is Hard mode, so don't worry about this if you are doing Normal.

And this brings us to the end of the first part of my VOG walkthrough. Hope this helped, hope your loot was something good, and be sure to check out the next part of the guide. I'll see ya soon.