Destiny: How To Solo Crota's End

Destiny: How To Solo Crota's End


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Do you play Destiny? Can't find any Raid groups, or when you do, do they say you suck and then kick you harder than a soccer ball? Basically, do you just wanna get a raid done so you can get the Raider achievement and say "Hey, I finished a raid, whoo!"? Well, you're in luck! Because in this article I'm gonna explain how to do the Crota's End raid all by yourself like the big boy or girl that you are.

Quick note, this will be a Normal mode run-through, and you will need to average 160-170 Light at the LEAST to do this, the higher the better. 200 is overkill, you'll be fine at 200. You CAN do this at lower levels - at least to a certain extent - but it's much more difficult. Plus I imagine you just want to get this done.

Now I know there's plenty of videos of people DOING it, but I'm gonna talk you through HOW to do it, so you can show off to your friends. So to start, just.. step on the plate. And wait. And then you jump down the hole. That's it.


Welcome to the abyss stage. Down here, you are in the dark (below) and have to make it through this cave to the opposite end to escape. Problem is, there's Thrall down here. Like, a lot. Millions. It's just, awful. As long as you're away from a source of light, you will begin to get a debuff on you called Weight of Darkness. The longer you stay in the dark, the higher your Weight becomes, and the slower you move. You cannot double jump at anytime you have ANY amount of Weight on you, and at its max, Weight x10, you can't even sprint. Which doesn't help when you're trying to run from the swarm of Hive chasing you down.

The only way to cleanse yourself of this filth is to stay near the lanterns that light the pathway for you. BUT, these lanterns will explode after about 10 seconds of being activated and if you're near them, well, yeah. You'll die. And, once again, there's the issue of Thrall. Oh, and watch out for holes when you're running.

On this map, you start at the bottom of the abyss. Keep following the lanterns' path, going through all sixteen of them. There are two lanterns that will have Knights beside them, numbers 9 and 13. When you reach the first one, this is generally where I use a Super, and then there are two options of where to go. One is to keep following the lamps, no problem. But if you're like me and want to get this over with more quickly, there is a shortcut.

To the right of the lantern, run straight through the dark. If you keep going this way, it will pass over two whole lanterns, allowing you to lose some Thrall and get a short break. You should end up near the lantern just before the second Knight lantern. After the second Knight is a hill. Watch out for the holes here, at the first hill there's two on each side and then one in the middle.

Now after this lantern, you don't have to run to the next one. Instead, follow the road, running straight forward with the second last lantern on your right, and you should see the last lantern on your left. Run up and step on the bridge platform, then turn and clear out the swarm of Thrall that I GUARANTEE should be behind you, then run back up to the left of the lantern and jump up on the small rock to its left. Move over as far left as you can without falling off so the lantern explosion doesn't kill you, and then centre yourself on the rock.

DO NOT start killing Thrall: this is when an Ogre will spawn behind the second last lantern. You know, the one you skipped? Sniper works best here, rockets are ok but not the smartest. I mean, really, why have a rocket launcher for the Thrall? You'll just end up.. yeah, that. Use a Sword or machine gun, much better. Alright, after Shrek is no longer life OR love, continue to resist the urge to kill Thrall and stay on the rock. I know, it's tough, but you're tougher. They won't attack you as long as you're on the centre. The reason is, if you keep killing Thrall, more Ogres will spawn and your job gets harder.

Once the bridge is fully formed, your Weight of Darkness will be completely cleared and you can run into the light. Something that, people usually say you, shouldn't, do..

// BRIDGE //

Congratulations! If you've made it this far, well, you should go play Starcraft now. You'll do fiinnee against the Zerg. In any case, now you are at the most difficult part of the raid to solo. Yes, that's right: the bridge checkpoint. This place is actually how I found my now raiding friends, but MAN does it suck.

So, just so you know how to do this thing properly, basically three people have to stay on the three circles shown, and one person at a time carries a sword across the bridge. You cannot cross the bridge without a Swordbearer sword. And for you newbies, no, you cannot carry a Heavy Sword across. These same platforms are on the other side, so you're supposed to coordinate each other across one after the other.

But you're all by yourself here, so you have to improvise. And by that I mean spam and glitch, sorta. So the first thing you gotta do is go to the subclass with the highest agility, but also preferably has an attacking Super. Step on the bridge plate to activate the enemies, then turn around and kill the Swordbearer knight. Pick up the sword, then run over to this column over on the right side. Jump up on it, and then jump off as high as you can, facing these rocks over here. Then, spam the aerial swing button and swing yourself across to the other side. You have to swing towards the rocks and then aim for the bridge, you can't go straight to it. Otherwise.. death. If you're high enough, you can land straight on the other side. If not, that's fine, just follow the red path and head over to the rocks on the left or right and jump swing your way up over.

Once you're on that side, the enemies on the other side will despawn, activating the required set of enemies on this side. I'd stay over by one set of spawn doors and spawn kill anything that comes out. After a little bit, take down some enemies on the opposite side from a distance, just to even the numbers. When wizards are out in middle, that means Ogres aren't too far behind. Once the Ogres are dead, the checkpoint will be cleared. However, Bungie attempted to stop people from doing this solo by adding a wipe zone. Basically, if you pass a certain point towards the spawn area or are in this zone, the Totems will just begin to activate on their own. Just stay around the middle area and try to survive, while taking care of the Ogres. Once they're dead, the adds will despawn, and you can relax.


Well done, Guardian, you've learned to fly. And run. Now to put your skills to practice in the Thrallway. This mini section is simple: there are two Shriekers and two shield doors. When you kill a Shrieker, the door right after it opens up. The Shriekers will respawn with the doors, so you have to hurry. Oh, and there's lots of Thrall again… Yeah, have fun.


Once you make it past the Thrallway, jump down the hole. There's a lot of jumping down holes in this, huh? Anyways, don't go running out just yet, cuz this takes a little bit of explaining. There's a bridge around the outside that connects the left and right platform, with two towers in the front. In the back, or above you right now, there is a set of three rooms.

In the middle room is Ir Yut, The Deathsinger. As soon as you exit the hallway, Ir Yut begins singing her song. You have to enter both rooms, left and right, and take out the Wizard in each, shown in red. You can draw it out by simply shooting off some rounds. Take it down and then kill the Shrieker that will activate afterwards. It's your pick what side you do first. I generally go left first, avoid all the yellow bars, and then go to the right.

Once you're all done with that, you have to enter the middle room, or crystal room, and kill her very quickly. She likes to run around a lot. Guess she spent some time in the abyss. Oh, and remember her song? Yeah, starting when you leave the lower room, you have like two minutes to kill her. Or else you die and restart. Once she's down though, get out of the rooms ASAP and then slowly take out all of the yellow bar enemies to get the checkpoint. Even after getting the checkpoint, I advise taking out the rest of the enemies. Or wiping, whatever you feel like.


Awesome job on getting this far! Well, you had me to help, but you still did it! Yes, you… So, for Crota, I'd go with a class that can give you quick protection. So this is where I'm going to get specific about what to have equipped because you might be ignoring my lists anyways, and you REALLY need this. If you have the Crota's End boots with the +Agility when carrying a sword, USE THEM. Trust me, they help a LOT. In terms of a heavy weapon here, rocket launcher. Gjallarhorn is perfect, and I'll explain later WHY it's so good. Also, equip a sticky grenade, any kind will do.

To start the fight, step up to the crystal in the middle room. All the doors and windows will become blocked off, and enemies will fill the rooms to your sides. In a few seconds, the doors will open, but the windows will remain closed for the rest of the encounter. You have to kill off all the enemies, each side consisting of multiple Acolytes and two sword Knights. Once you kill them all off, collect ammo and reload your weapons. Crota's sequence does not begin until you exit the rooms.

Once you leave, head straight down to the centre where there will be a Chalice of Light. During Crota, only the person holding the Chalice can regenerate health normally - class, armour and weapon abilities still work though. A Swordbearer will spawn out of the door in front of the Chalice. Kill him, then jump up onto the bridge - not too close to Crota, but not too far away either.

Time to put up something to protect yourself from the Boomers in the towers: if you're a Titan, put up a Defender bubble with Blessing of Light; Hunter, have some form of Invisibility active. And Warlocks - uh, well… activate Radiance, I guess? Anyways, throw your sticky grenade and attach it to Crota, then fire your rocket, maybe put a few Primary shots into him. Once he starts going down, get up there and hit him with the larger smashing attack - I usually go for two hits per sword - then back off and run away to the lower rooms. Hide out until Crota moves back to middle. Rinse and repeat until Crota dies.

Now for some more details on the fight. Crota moves from his current spot after about one minute of being there. He follows the same path every time: middle, right, middle, left, middle, right, middle, and so forth. If you feel more comfortable taking him from the sides, by all means try it out. I personally prefer middle but the sides could eliminate some of the Boomer risk. Another thing: Crota can one hit with his sword, and sometimes gets up a little bit early, so be weary of that.

Third: after every two swords, a pair of Ogres spawn. I like to go to the far back room with a sniper and take them out. Once Shrek and Fiona are down, you can continue as you may. Fourthly, I've done this at about 280-300 Light and it only took 6 smashes to kill Crota. So I assume at about 170+ you can do the same, since the Raid on Normal is around 150.

A side note for anyone doing it with more than one person; if anyone dies at any point in the fight, an Oversoul spawns behind the middle. Shoot it with Primary or Special, Heavy doesn't do much. You have about five seconds to kill it before your entire team wipes. (Swords can block the oversoul though, same with Skolas' Devouring Essence).

Now I said I was going to explain why Gjallarhorn is perfect for Crota. When taking him down, Crota's shields regen REALLY quickly if the damage is not continual or fast enough. The sticky grenade can be thrown fast, and deals a fair bit of damage. Gjallarhorn, though, takes out a fair amount with its main blast, and deals CONTINUAL DAMAGE with its Wolfpack Rounds while you fire off the second rocket or sticky grenade. The Wolfpack Rounds, if they don't bug out, keep him from regenerating and gives you the time you need to finish him off. That is why it was so good and wanted for Crota in Year 1.

Well, now that you know how to do it… go do it! Good luck, I hope you get through it and have lots of fun. See ya soon!