July 2017: Red Nova Tyrant is Under Renovation

July 2017: Red Nova Tyrant is Under Renovation

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Annnnnd, put that right over there. Oh, hey guys, Red here. Sorry, don't have any Bravely builds or anything really at the moment, been really busy working on some other stuff.

Busy building a new website for the channel (which you are currently on),

setting up Adsense for my channel - sorry, gotta pay for university somehow -

making a Twitter which you can follow here,

making a Discord room where we can chat and stuff (code: TmPQFyq),

and just lots of things in general. On the bright side, that means more interaction with you, the audience. More builds are coming, don't worry, I'm still working on this stuff. Yeah, put that right there. Good.

Also been debating on doing a little updating on my armour and look and such. Nothing too drastic, just some minor details possibly. We'll see what happens. (crash) Ah, crap… well, I better go deal with that. I'll see ya soon!